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justalittleone.com of Lichfield - one page on Google. You decide the price?!

I've been fortunate enough that when setting up Select Chauffeurs, my skills from a 20-year interest and career in IT, allowed me to build a complex website like www.selectchauffeurs.com

But at the time of startup, with Select Chauffeurs I couldn't have afforded to build such a web presence. And now I appreciate that a website is only a small part of our business, I simply wouldn't pay significant amounts of money with no guarantee of the returns it will provide. And there lies the problem, nobody will give you a guarantee of returns. Marketing in general is fraught with this ... paid advertising, no guarantee of returns. An advert in the newspaper, no guarantee of returns.

So I decided recently to set up justalittleone.com to try and alleviate this problem for startups and individuals - in fact, any business that just needs a place on the Internet.

If you're looking for a web designer, here's a 100% guarantee you can afford a one page website from justalittleone.com

You pay what you think our service is worth. No contract. No catch.

So that solves the return on investment issue. All we ask is you pay at least £1/month. The amount you pay can vary month-on-month.

Do we guarantee success?

Define success. But in short, no we can't guarantee anything except that we'll do everything we possibly can to support you and give you the very best chance of reaching dizzying heights.

What will justalittleone.com do?

We configure a Google product called Google My Business. Makes sense if you're aiming to conquer Google and be #1 to use a Google owned product. Your business will appear on Google virtually overnight - it won't be top of the listings yet but it will be visible within a week or two.

Once justalittleone.com have configured your business on Google My Business, you will be showing in both Google Search and Google Maps. Here is an example of justalittleone.com on Google Search. And here is an example of justalittleone.com on Google Maps.

In each example, you'll see our products, recent updates and customer reviews - along with how to contact us and a link to our one page website justalittleone.com

justalittleone.com use exactly the same technology as we'll be using for your business. So if you found us, there is no reason why your customers won't find you. Right? And no contracts, you set the price - so with no risk, what have you to lose?

What will justalittleone.com do?

We'll support you and show you how to spend 10-minutes a day driving your business forwards.

From your smartphone, tablet or desktop you need to allocate 10-minutes to post something to Google My Business. Every day. No excuses.

You can take a photo and write your update on the train or when you're comfortably on the sofa at home. Posts can only be 1500 characters - so they have to be short and sweet - good news!

When customers see what you do and how you do it, the team or the office party even ... they feel a part of your business and engage. These tiny posts all appear on your one page website so in time, the content accumulates and people searching on Google will be led to this content and then obvious led to you!

Good things come to those who work!

Networking has always been a key part of business - way before the Internet was even thought of! Nothing has changed.

So you need to network with others online. How? Simple - include articles about others and link to their website. In return, ask them to write a few words about your site and link to it.

Suppose you are in the business of car sales.

  • Write an article about your mechanic and link to their site. In return get them to do the same for you - this is the important bit!

  • Then do the same for your accountant.

  • Then do the same for justalittleone.com

  • Get listed on a networking directory like thebestof

  • Then do the same for the person who comes and washes all your cars

  • Then do the same for the guy with a successful business that you sold the Rolls Royce to last week ...

  • And don't stop. Keep doing this whenever the opportunity presents itself.

As you do this, Google works out "who you know". It adds credibility to your business. And it is this that will help drive your business up the search listings. You must do this. The good news is it is part of your 10-minutes a day. Really simple. Don't expect overnight results - it can take quite some time for your efforts to be rewarded.

Social Media

You'll almost certainly set up Facebook and Twitter for your new business. You can share your 10-minute updates on social media quickly and easily.

Free Online Directories

There are many to choose from and we'll give you a kick-start by registering your site with the main ones. You can chip-away at registering others you may find and think relevant. Even enthusiast sites or forums (which allow advertising) are good places to spread the word.

Other Search Engines - Bing, Yahoo.

We'll make sure you list in Bing, Yahoo and many others.

Get Started.

Get in touch. You've already seen our Google My Business profile which has all our details on. Ideally we'd like you to set aside an hour to talk with us.

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