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Success Tips To Hiring A Prom Car

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

We receive many enquiries every year for prom vehicles, yet we don't advertise prom cars as a service on our web site.

Yet, we have two matching Chrysler 300C luxury saloon cars - perfect for 8 passengers, 4 in each car, to arrive in style and make a huge impact. So why don't we advertise this service more? Read our guide and avoid pitfalls that could see your evening turn out least how you expected it.

  1. Not all prom cars are legal Alarmingly, many individuals who operate prom car hire, do so without being correctly licensed or insured to carry out this type of service. Ask to see a copy of their operator's licence and on the night your driver should be able to produce a private hire drivers licence. See our licensing page for an example of ours!

  2. Not all bookings are equal Every year we receive calls from people who have been let down by unethical or disorganised operators. The most common story we hear are from people who have booked their prom car early, only to be let down days or weeks before the event. You will be told you are "double booked" - in fact, what has probably happened is they were able to sell the prom vehicle for more to somebody else. The old saying, "You get what you pay for" couldn't be more true. Select Chauffeurs confirm all booking in writing and have never let a customer down. Read our excellent reviews.

  3. Ask your operator to put in writing that they will drop you at the door! If you've never been to a prom before, you will be surprised at the queues on entry to your prom! They can be huge - cars are arriving in single file and each party are taking photos and having a great time. All this takes time, and the queue is getting longer ... Many operators take multiple bookings on the same vehicle on the same evening. If that queue is too long, they won't wait and will ask you to leave the vehicle before you get to your grand entrance. Select Chauffeur only take one booking per vehicle per prom, so no chance of this happening and our prices include that wait in the queue of traffic - and we'll put it in writing!

  4. Be honest when booking! If you're going to a prom, say you are going to a prom. We can usually tell from the dates and details given anyhow and can assure you that we do not charge extra for proms! Our prices are based on 14 years of experience, so we understand what it takes to avoid all the pitfalls we've told you about, whilst providing a quality and legal service. Likewise, if you use a third-party events website to gather your prom enquiries, remember the suppliers are being charged to use that service - so quotes may be slightly higher than if you book directly.

  5. Book Early There is a shortage of vehicles to proms. You should be thinking of booking in January (or earlier!) to secure your vehicle and avoid disappointment.

We hope you find our guide useful, and that your prom goes exactly as you imagined it. Call Ian on 01543 224450 or info@selectchauffeurs.com to book your prom car now.


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