Heathrow Airport Chauffeur Service

Important Questions to Ask When Booking a Heathrow Airport Chauffeur Service

There are many companies that offer airport transfers London Heathrow. As you look to hire a Heathrow airport chauffeur service, you need to consider the factors that differentiate one service from another, and which of those services and features best meet your needs. Asking the right questions can help to guide you toward the luxury airport transfers Heathrow that are ideal for you. Here are a few of the important questions to ask when you are booking one of these services.
One of the questions that you want to ask when you are looking to book a Heathrow airport chauffeur service is what types of vehicles they offer. This is especially important if you are looking to arrive to or from the airport in style or if you have a large group that may not fit into a smaller car. Different companies offer different fleets of vehicles. Learn what types of vehicles are offered and what vehicles are available to pick you up on the day you need airport transportation.
Another important question to ask when you are looking to obtain luxury airport transfers Heathrow is whether the service tracks your flight and weather for you. Some airport transfer and shuttle services will track your flight information, weather information and traffic information. They can then adjust the time that they pick you up to take you to the airport or arrive at the airport to pick you up based on whether there are potential delays. Other services will not track this information and expect you to. If changes to your flight occur, they may require you to call them to adjust your pick up time. When you are traveling, this can be an extra hassle, so finding a company who does it for you is beneficial.
The final element that you need to consider as you go about selecting a company for airport transfer London Heathrow is how the service charges you. Some companies may charge you by the mile, some companies may charge you an hourly rate and some companies may charge you a flat rate for the entire service. As you are looking at fees, also ask if there is an oversized luggage rate, a charge for a car seat, if one is needed, if there are any extra airport fees or taxes, and whether gratuity is included or whether it is something you need to pay extra for. This will allow you to fully compare the various prices that different companies charge.
When you are ready to book a Heathrow airport chauffeur service, Select Chauffeurs, operating out of Lichfield, UK can provide you with the transportation you need. Give us a call today to obtain a quote or to book your airport transport London Heathrow.

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